1.4.10 (oktober 2016)

  • Fixed bug/error in filtering orderlist
  • Added option to change weborder status from orderlist and pick screen
  • Added shortcuts for quick payments with F1 - F12 keys. Configuration options under Menu > Configuration > Orders

1.4.9 (august 2016)

  • Added remote order status in orderlist and pick screen
  • Added configuration to allow negative stock

1.4.8 (juli 2016)

  • Added support for PLU barcodes in Stockmanager and picklist
  • Select customer with barcode scanner

1.4.7 (june 2016)

  • Fix for price override calculation for VirtueMart
  • Added support for PLU barcodes

1.4.6 (may 2016)

  • Fetch all products stock on every update sync
  • Fixed deletion of old products (deleted in webshop)

1.4.5 (april 2016)

  • Fixed a few bugs from version 1.4.4
  • Fixed price change update from webshop
  • Fixed product manufacturer selection
  • Show remaining stock in picklist
  • Fixed the unintentional generating of new product barcode on enter key
  • Fixed price in PDF labels

1.4.4 (april 2016)

  • Added customer barcodes
  • Added generate new barcodes button and prefix configuration
  • Added current version info to configuration
  • Added default customer group for calculation rules for registered customers
  • Added anonymous customer group for calculation rules
  • Fixed stock issues magento
  • Added several pricing options to allow for Magento price calculations

1.4.3 (februari 2016)

  • Changed export to send orders 1 by 1 to better catch errors
  • Added extra filter in productlist to filter by source (POS/Webshop)
  • Fixed error in osCommerce
  • Fixed customer sync in osCommerce
  • Add userinfo to order in VM when using default_user_id
  • Add limit 500 and 'all' to productlist
  • Fixed stock handling issue in POS (Webshop was not affected)
  • Disable payment button during sync to webshop
  • Fixed bug that occured on certain PHP versions

1.4.2 (januari 2016)

  • Added option to add SKU to receipt
  • Fixed test print function in config
  • Added line wrapping to receipt for long productnames
  • Fixed button styling for customer search
  • Added translations for calculation rules
  • Fixed problem with magento orderimport in case product is removed from database

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